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Adventure Update 1.8
09-13-2011, 05:14 PM
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Original FAQ - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/5822...-and-more/

First of all, the 1.8 update that you all are reading about (as of 9/13/2011) is not the official 1.8 release, but a leaked (unfinished) version. Considering this game is already a beta, and there are plenty of bugs to begin with, this might cause even more issues. Personally, I believe we should wait until the official version releases to upgrade to 1.8, in which a release date is still unconfirmed. However, after I discuss the concerns I have regarding this update and you all agree that you still wish to move forward, I will apply the update.


Quote:My world is gonna be lost in 1.8!

Incorrect! With Notch's clarification, ALL features of 1.8 can exist, in newly generated chunks in old worlds. Understand though... the terrain changes may cause new chunks to generate in RADICALLY different ways then your current generated land. A flat plains beside new chunks may run into a 128 tall wall of stone from a mountain biome, making for a hideous sight. But everything from 1.8, should work in prior maps... for now.

It sounds to me that we might be able to migrate our current world to 1.8 but the areas that we have buildings on will not have the new features. There also might be some major problems and inconsistencies caused not only with this update, but with updates released in the future.

Quote:Terrain generation received the arguably largest update in 1.8, with an ungodly addition of changes, new content, and improvements.

Even if the migration of our current world is completely successful, we might be missing out on the benefits of the update (for terrain) anyways, thus rendering the update pointless to begin with.

Something else to consider as well.... (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/minecra...ons.35834/)

Quote:To all other server owners:
Do you start a new map on 1.8 with the new features? Or wait until 1.9?
Cause _jeb posted this 6 hours ago via twitter:
"You need to generate new areas. As it looks now, beta 1.9 will also require new generation"

Unfortunately, it would appear that we might run into this same problem once again in the 1.9 update. Things can change as 1.9 develops however....

So in conclusion, do we update and start fresh? Do we update and try to bring our old world with us? Do we forget about it for now and literally bury our head in the sand of our old world? I realize that you all have spent long hours working hard to create what is created now, but ask yourselves, are you going to even pay attention to your old stuff with all the new "shinyness" that the update brings?

My opinion as the server admin - I think we should wait just a little longer for the official release of 1.8. I also think we should start with a fresh world to keep problems down to a minimum in the future.

Then again, I have not invested nearly as many hours into the game as the rest of you. What do you all think? Also, if anybody finds any new information or methods of updating, please post it here. I need to hear what you guys think. Also, here is the link to the version history and the changes that these updates bring.
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09-13-2011, 05:54 PM (This post was last modified: 09-13-2011 05:56 PM by Firespartan.)
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well i personally think moving forward would be the best approach..and considering how many hours ive spent mining and building i should care more..but i figure its a practice world anyway..if we eventually want to see the game evolve and be able to take full advantages of the new changes biggest being the terrain generated will be much richer and where it was impossible to find clay it should be alot easier to find in a new world...ive built alot of stuff on this server and i regret parts of what ive done but to lazy to tear it all down...and watching jeremy grow on the server over the past 2 or so weeks made me realize that over time ur tastes change u get new ideas better ideas and its all a growing process.
its like cleaning out ur closet that u never open...if u thought hum i never use any of this stuff and i dont ever miss it its just taking up space and keeping u from putting other stuff in there...

only issue i see is maybe the instability to the system but if we start fresh it shouldnt be bad.and honestly the probelms we already have with geting out of boxes getting stuck in boxes for me and laura mainly laura.(on her flamer mac)but i really want to hear what everone else has to say bout it too...also would u want to spend more time on 1.7 then eventually all the work be flushed when u have to eventually upgrade...o i see it as move forward or stay at the same spot with the same stuff with the same problems..
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09-13-2011, 06:25 PM
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Yeah, as you get a handle of the game you get different goals and priorities.

I vote for the update. (also some of the fixes on the update are things im really interested in.)

And after making the Doom Fortress 1.0 I realize a lot of mistakes i made in placement and material construction.
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09-17-2011, 08:18 PM
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The server has been officially updated to version 1.8.1! As expected, the world has been reset and a fresh outlook awaits! Keep in mind though, as updates begin to release, there is always a chance that the worst can happen.

As of now, you must still connect through Hamachi to access the server. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to get rid of the dependency for Hamachi and have everybody use their forum user information to connect to the server. Check back regularly for updates regarding that process.

If anybody has any comments or concerns regarding this update and the server, please feel free to post in the Minecraft area of this website!

Enjoy and happy mining!
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